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W dniach 24 października - 8 listopada odbędzie się w Christchurch doroczny Festiwal Dziedzictwa Historycznego (Heritage Festival) organizowany przez Christchurch City Council i już po raz trzeci weźmiemy w nim udział prezentując 3 listopada film dokumentalny Marka Lechowicza "Wygrać z przeznaczeniem", poświęcony historii Dzieci z Pahiatua i nakręcony w 2015 r. w Christchurch.

W programie Festiwalu, 7 listopada,  znajdziecie również "Polish Folk Day" organizowany przez Polonus. Zapraszamy!

Between 24 October - 8 November Christchurch will host the annual Heritage Festival organised by the Christchurch City Council. We'll be in it for the third time running. On 3 November we will show a documentary "Overcoming Fate" about Pahiatua Children, filmed by Marek Lechowicz in 2015 in Christchurch, other NZ locations and in Poland.

The Festival's programme also includes "Polish Folk Day" 

on 7 Novmber organised by Polonus. See you there!



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When Poland was nowhere…

Centenary of Poland’s Regained Independence 1918 - 2018

Commemorative Linwood Cemetery Walk

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You can do this walk when it suits you.  Just print the pdf file (for best result print on A3, double sided) and fold into an A6 pocket map.  For more information about these, and other Polish settlers, please refer to the sources named in the map. 

2018 marked the hundredth anniversary of Poland’s regained independence, one of the most important dates in the long and complex history of Poland. From 1795, throughout the next century, and until 1918 Poland found herself divided among Austria, Prussia, and Russia, and deprived of independent statehood. Poles were subject to a series of measures aimed against them, against their language and their culture, which were replaced by incremental enforcement of the language and culture of the controlling states.

The loss of Poland’s independence led to a large wave of emigration from Poland in search of freedom and a better life. Among the countries that accepted Polish migrants was New Zealand, where a small number of Polish Jews started arriving in the 1850’s and 60’s, followed by a larger group of migrants from the Prussian zone arriving from 1872 onwards. Many of them were laid to rest at Linwood Cemetery. The walk takes you to the areas of the Linwood Cemetery which are linked to the history of early Polish settlement in Canterbury.

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